How to Overcome Stress & Frustration: Simple 15 Ways

Akshay Choudalwar
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Nowadays, experiencing regular anxiety or stress is normal part of life but sometimes it causes to depression, mental illness which is too harmful for our further life.

So, in this post I will share the 15 Sutras that will help you to eliminate any kind of Frustration, Anger or mental illness.

1) Continuous Positive -

No matter how bad it is, always stay positive!

E.g. “One eye is lost but the other eye is intact,” so that I can see this beautiful world, how much grace God has.

Every failure is going to give me a chance.

E.g. when people avoid you, look at you and sniff, then you become aware of the more attractive look.

If you make fun of someone, if someone unknowingly insults you, your ambitions are awakened.

2) Create Passion -

If there is a void and frustration in life, then find a passion for which you have to work hard for the rest of your life.

Passion is something that we can do without getting tired, even with enthusiasm, thirty days a month, ten to twelve hours a day, it is called passion!

Let’s literally sacrifice our lives for that. It makes you forget yourself, that’s the real passion!

For whom trade will be a passion, for whom sports will be a passion, for which wandering will be a passion.

We cannot live without it, and then one day the world will recognize us for the same thing.

  • Sachin tendulkar-Cricket
  • Dhirubhai ambani -Reliance
  • Lata Mangeshkar-Singing
  • PM Modi-Leadership
  • Ravi Shankar Guruji — Art of Living
  • Ratan tata- business tycoon
  • Steve Jobs-Gadgets

Your name can also be included in this list, if you also go crazy for your passion!

3) Read Two Books a Month -

In the worst and worst times of my life, I was saved only by books of good thoughts, otherwise I might not be able to write this article today, so many books are indebted to me.

It is my self-experience that I will read at least two good books a month and brings the good things in it to life immediately, to build it well, to get everything I want automatically.

4) Write a Diary -

The bad things that happen every day give you valuable experiences, as you put them into words, the color of life grows.

These diaries helped me a lot to get the conflict out of my mind. The insults, the failures, the worries of the future, the emptiness of the mind.

all the nausea I took out, and kept every wound in the diaries, and all of them stopped bothering me like wise babies.

Even today I have hundreds of letters I have written on my computer, which I find very funny now.

Sometimes for a small reason, I spend a lot of time reading it. The battery is fully charged again.

5) End What You have Started -

To complete the task at hand is to do it! You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

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6) Break the comfort zone-

Accept new challenges. Have you done anything in the last month that you don’t like, that you are afraid to do?

7) Exercise For At least 30 Minutes-

The command to keep the mind refreshed is one, to force the body to exercise. the mind automatically comes to the fore!

8) Meditation for all problems -

Your physical disability can never be an obstacle in your life, because you are not your body!

If you start to meditate on the fact that you are a different person, it will automatically come to light.

9) Give Up One Bad Habit per Month -

Each of us has bad habits, I want to give up one bad habit per month, and I want to add a good habit. Implements it diligently throughout the month.

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10) Sprinkle Happiness Around You -

Before leaving the house, look in the mirror and promise yourself that I will be happy and pleased with everyone meet today Everyone is going to have a smile on their face.

Sometimes to feed a hungry person, sometimes to play with a small child!

Sometimes give someone a lift while walking down the street, sometimes tell jokes and make people laugh out loud.

11) Be Grateful for What You Get-

It is a secret that the universe gives more to the one who is grateful.

I have personally experienced that all the sorrows in life disappear automatically if you express your heartfelt gratitude for the ten gifts you have received.

12) Make Friends with Successful People -

People who have made their mark in the world, get to know them more and more, find opportunities to meet them.

Success is as contagious as enthusiasm!🙂

13) Keep a Safe Distance from Negative -

Four hands should be kept away from people who mock you. Negative people should not be given a place anywhere in your life and in your mind.

14) Thirty Day Plan -

What I am going to do in the next thirty days, make a plan at the beginning of the month and stick it on the wall because written format always more effective than only thinking a plan in mind.

Achieving a single goal is to write ‘Success’ and celebrate it with enthusiasm and joy.

15) Day to Day Small Habits -

Apart from above strategies, you can try this 10 Small but Effective Steps in your day to day life:

  • Chewing gum
  • Cooking
  • Dancing
  • Going for a walk
  • Spending time with a friend
  • Laugh
  • spend time in your hobby
  • Watching a comedy videos
  • Play mind games- chess, puzzles
  • Sitting down silent for minutes

Thanks for reading!😊 Comment down which strategy you have used & Share the post. If you find this article is helpful.

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