What is the True Meaning of Hustle in your Life?

In this article, i wrote all about what is the role & importance of hard work/hustle in our life.

word hustle showing in a cup
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This is the message that we get from countless books, social media posts, blog posts and most of entrepreneurs which teach that; to achieve your Dreams, Work like a Slave.

It’s motivating.It’s inspiring.It’s captivating

According to dictionary word the Hustle means force (someone) to move hurriedly. push one’s way to achieve.You only have to Google the definition of Hustle and see the below result.

image with word hustle search result by google
image with word hustle search result by google
Image with word hustle search result by google.


So,What Does Hustling Actually Look Like? 🤨

Here’s my definition of hustle. A relentless commitment to fulfill an ambition . Hustle is working hard for what you want. Hustle is your work ethic, it’s your drive. It is putting all your effort into achieving the goal at hand.You have to know where you are going.

“Without hustle, talent will only carry you so far.”- Gary Vaynerchuk

That means, figure out what you want to create, what idea you want to bring into being and execute on it.Being Hustler is about doing the work, not only to build a business that allows you to express yourself, make money doing what you love, and make a positive impact on the world. Here are list of some effective habits of Hustlers:

Image hustle with money
Image hustle with money

Here is the list of some effective habits of Hustlers:

  • Focusing on starting a yoga/meditation
  • Writing/reading/workout practice
  • Taking a vacation
  • Invest on yourself
  • Grow connection
  • Putting time and energy into your hobby
  • Putting time and energy into your relationships

“Those who are not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”-Muhammad Ali

Stop Whinging!

Now get real. Stop whinging. If you’re complaining about something, make a change. Stop tolerating what you aren’t enjoying. Life is too short to do things you hate. Whinging impedes results.

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So what toleration do you have in your life right now that are causing you to whinge and drain your energy rather than giving you the energy to focus on what you want to achieve and work towards.

“Complaining about a problem without posing a solution is called whinging”.-Teddy Roosevelt.

Three Ways To Expose Your Hustle:

Do Something That Moves You. Just Movement, physical activity, action these grow you with energy and excitement. Don’t worry about perfection or wait for the inspiration to spark your action. Just set the goals and start Hustling.

“Hustle beats talent when talent doesn’t hustle”- Ross Simmonds

Keep Your Head Up and Your Eyes Open. As you´re moving, it’s time to develops small steps of everyday risk and look for a opportunity. A little luck goes a long way toward fueling your dream and your ability to generate new exciting opportunities.

“You can’t have a million-dollar dream with a minimum-wage work ethic”.- Stephen C

And at last it’s time to Seal the Deal and Make it Real. Turn an opportunity into a valuable success. You´re a vast reservoir of hidden value. It´s time to feed your hungry hustler by turning your talents, skills and relationships into a river of sustenance. It´s time to show yourself the money.

Success is required for you to own your dreams. So keep moving as you sell a piece of your talent or close a new deal for your business to get that raise.

Hustle until you no longer need to introduce yourself.

Conclusion! at the end, just think about bigger picture of life. Find your passion and goal. Continue with your dreams in life. Live your dreams as much as you can. Invest on yourself. Hustle hard.

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